UV Power Supply-S2000 Series

UV Power Supply-S2000 Series

The S series is a mini model based on the H series machine platform. The S series machines have the same performance as the H series machines, but they are much smaller than the H series machines. S series products are used in large current driving applications with lamp voltage below 450V. The peak value of excitation voltage of 4T (three-phase 380V) model is above 5KV, and the peak value of excitation voltage of 2S (single-phase 220V) model is above 3KV, which has strong lighting ability. With large output current and rich external expansion functions, it has been widely used in more than 20 fields such as painting, printing, woodworking, PCB, military medical and so on.

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Main Features

Input voltage: According to the model, single phase 220V (2S), three phase 380V (4T) 
Input frequency: 50/60HZ 
Output voltage: see below model list
Output current: see below model list
Output frequency: 1KHZ 
Control method: power vector 
High voltage isolation: non-isolated 
Control interface: RS485, TCP/IP, CANOPEN, digital IO, analog IO 
Debugging interface:  LCD operation panel, both Chinese and English interface

Built-in lamp tube exhaust control & frequency converter of cooling fan to optimize PID 

Support light intensity probe closed loop control 

Model List
Please contact us if you do not find the match power supply for your lamp.
Input Voltage Model No. Max Power Max Voltage Max Current Lamp Voltage Recommendation
 (KW)  (V) (A)  (V) V
220 single phase S2000-2SC015A 1.5 300 10 160-300 250
Share with 1kw
220 single phase S2000-2SC025A 2.5 220 17 160-220 200
Share with 2kw
360-460 three phase S2000-4TB030A 3 430 13 300-430 380
360-460 three phase S2000-4TB040A 4 430 15 300-430 380
360-460 three phase S2000-4TB050B 5 430 15 340-430 400